RestoreHER Intensive Retreats
RestoreHER conducts three retreat intensives per year. The winter retreat happens in January or February. The Spring Couple’s Retreat occurs in March or April. The Summer Retreat happens in June or July.
RestoreHER Bible Brunch Bunch and Sister Circles
RestoreHER brunches happen every other month beginning in January. The Women of Restoration gather together on the 2nd Saturday to discuss topics relevant to Christian living.

Sister Circles
RestoreHER Encounters and Conferences
RestoreHER conducts conference encounters throughout the year. The primary Encounter occurs in October of each year.
Group Mentoring/Coaching
1 on 1 Mentoring/Coaching
RestoreHER Unlimited
RestoreHIM (Healing the Inner Man) is among the newest offerings of RestoreHER. It is the companion piece that allows men to gather and listens not only to what others have to say, but also to the truth beneath the words in a non-judgmental environment. RestoreHIM is building brotherhood one brother at a time.
RestoreUS (Unity and Solidarity) is all about couple’s. Our goals are to:
(1) Strengthen the love among married couples,
(2)Learn Relationship Empowerment strategies,
(3) Network with each other,
(4) Have some fun and fellowship with other like minded couples